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Hi, I'm Steve Mitchell and I am the owner of High Capture Photography and Videography. I started taking photos when I was 12 on an old Pentax film camera. I spent 5 years taking photos and learning how to set everything up properly; you only had film then and it was expensive to get it wrong! 

​In the last 4 years I have finished a teaching career of 20 years and start a photography and videography business that is growing every day. Is it the best decision I have ever made? Well I don’t really know, but it’s up there with marriage and kids!

​I love taking photos and capturing video. It makes me happy. Every day is different and every image I capture makes me think; how could it be better, what if I did this? Photography is about learning all the time. The process never stops. I love to talk so if you'd like to know more give me a shout.

Tel: 07850 644358

Tel: 0800 644 0711